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Gods Work, Our Hands


Immanuel-Trinity Lutheran Church experienced great cooperation from the beginning of “God’s Work Our Hands” projects started mid-year 2015 – which continues on into 2017.  will hopefully be just the beginning of Immanuel-Trinity’s outreach into the community.

Projects in 2017 will include :

Three Crosses Lenten Outreach – Generally Lent is a time in which we “give something “up”. This year we invited the members to “Take something on!” Jesus said “Take up your cross and follow me”. Three Cross were the focus. One for "Support to our Partner schools" with an ingathering of hats, mittens, socks and underwear for elementary-middle school children, another  cross to support “Food for Thought “, snack items, raisins, juice pack, single serving items for kids, and one to support for the "Men’s Shelter", hats, gloves, shampoo & personal care items.

Food for Thought – Continues from 2016 with Immanuel-Trinity members donating items the Fond du Lac Food Pantry is in need of. Click NEEDED ITEMS for information

Green Thumb Project – “Green Thumb Project” for Lutheran Campus Ministry at UW Oshkosh has grown from last year. The plants were delivered August 26, 2017. Plants donated had been on all the window sills in the sanctuary and other areas after members brought them during the month of August. 

Adopt a School Elizabeth Walters Elementary School partnership that was formed last year has received large amounts of school supplies and non- perishable breakfast snack items donated. These will soon be delivered to that facility late this August..

Up Coming – Three Trees Project- starting again in November 2017, we will support Salvation Army, Food for Thought and Elizabeth Walters Elementary School.

"GOD'S WORK, OUR HANDS" Some projects completed to date in 2017

Green Thumb Project in 2017- To celebrate all that God has given us Immanuel-Trinity takes part in a dedicated ELCA church-wide celebration of service in September known as “God’s work. Our hands.”

One of the service activities Immanuel-Trinity started for the God’s work. Our hands. ” has many members of Immanuel-Trinity starting house plants weeks before September. These were gathered by August 27th, 2017 and delivered for this Campus Ministry at UW-Oshkosh for the incoming freshmen students.

 Gathering the plants for delivery
All plants ready to be loaded in vehicles to deliver            










      Two SUV's loaded to welcome freshmen students