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New Christain Ed Year


Happy New Year!

Welcome Back to Christian Education Classes!  We had an amazing first week back with ALL of our students in attendance! It was great to see everyone!  

Just some gentle reminders as we begin 2023. These are for your child's safety. Our job is to keep your children safe. Your job is to help us keep them that way. 

1. The gym is open until 6:20pm, at which time all students are expected to report to classes.

2. Parents of Spark students must remain in the gym to supervise their child until they go to class. Other students are not supervisors, and teachers are busy preparing.

3. Spark students will only be dismissed to a parent or guardian from the classroom. We will not dismiss children to go to the parking lot alone as this is a safety issue. If there is an older sibling in Connect or Confirmation class, they may pick up their Spark students.

Thank you for allowing us to enjoy your children and teach them God's story.