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Baptism/Wedding/ Funeral


  We baptize people of all ages! Baptism is the Church's way of welcoming someone into the faith family, where God's promises are proclaimed and where parents, sponsors, and the community of faith promise to love and support this child of God as they grow in faith. Parents do not need to be members of Immanuel-Trinity, but being involved is the best way for your child to experience and learn what it means to be one of God's children. Baptismal sponsors do not need to be Lutheran, but should be Christian. We baptize within the context of worship.




We currently schedule weddings only for members.  Weddings must be scheduled at least four months in advance. Premarital sessions with the pastor performing the service are a required part of the process. Based on the pastor's discretion, he or she will conduct member wedding services off-site. Saturday weddings must start no later than 1:30 pm.



Based on pastoral discretion, we typically honor any request for a funeral at the church, from members or non-members. Member funerals take priority over any other church event with the exception of regular worship services